for companies:

strategy – this is where it all begins. Access our expertise to help you reveal what your social and philanthropic investment should mean to your company. Investing in your customers, your employees, your planet and the communities in which you live and sell to should be carefully planned so that there is maximum social impact and maximum impact for your business.

You may have been doing this a long time or you may be newbies to the concept of corporate social responsibility and community investment. We facilitate the right conversations with your Foundation and product teams to build consensus about what a philanthropic program should mean to your business. We define metrics for success and build tools to execute across platforms. We have built programs for companies like Disney, Kia Motors, UBS, Brooks Brothers, and Hyatt and will share best practices and build new models of success across all of your markets.

program design – we are seasoned inventors and executors of corporate – philanthropic programs involving cause marketing, online or in-store product sales, event sponsorship, social media activation through contests and coupons, celebrity and p/r outreach, and employee engagement. A program can be as simple as a one time initiative or it can be a carefully crafted, long term effort with a variety of programs slated for roll out during different times of the year. 

partnership development – having someone ‘in the middle’ to facilitate your partnership with your charity partners and to help you discover who you should be partnering with can be invaluable. We can help with contract and funding negotiations as well as planning meetings and developing tools. We have a network of seasoned leaders from a variety of industries, charities, and countries to help develop philanthropic partnerships and evaluate their impact on your business.

funds management/governance training – does your Foundation or employee volunteer group need support to decide how to donate or invest in the causes you care about? Does your Foundation Board or volunteer committees need training on how to organize and operate for maximum impact? We have deep experience developing high level Foundation Boards; from policy review to operational best practices, you may need a review of your current structure. We can advise on your operating expenses for your philanthropic programs and tell you about the latest technology that helps you streamline your Foundation operations.

employee engagement program development – There are hundreds we’ve heard of. Bake sales, pajama day, selfie at work day – all in the name of raising awareness and funding for causes your employees care about. There may be several structured or informal volunteer groups for local causes – do you track the number of participants and how it makes them feel about the company when they are afforded time to volunteer? How does this impact employee satisfaction and turnover? We can work with you to incorporate your goals into a thoughtful and meaningful employee volunteer and giving platform that will create a new awareness for your business about how your employee engagement program attracts and retains talent.