for non-profits:

strategy – every non-profit should be crystal clear about how important their corporate sponsorships are to their organization – strategically and fiscally. Our conversation can start by reviewing an existing corporate sponsor plan, or we can work with your team to invent one. The goal is to develop long term partners who believe and commit to your mission because there is an authentic connection and a willingness to move the needle to achieve your mission. We can help you identify the internal and external people to leverage in your network and facilitate conversations to build the kind of long term support it takes to sustain a corporate fundraising pipeline. And with any good strategy comes measurement – we can help you and your partners identify mutual goals and put tools in place for the right measurement.

program design – we are seasoned inventors and leaders of corporate – philanthropic programs. We have deep expertise in more than 60 global markets working with hundreds of companies in the areas of corporate social responsibility, building multi-organizational teams, training leaders and employees, and designing media plans for corporate philanthropic partnerships and events. A program can be as simple as a one time initiative or it can be a carefully crafted, long term effort with a variety of programs slated for roll out during different times of the year. Program elements can include: cause marketing involving online or in-store product sales, event sponsorship, social media activation through contests and coupons, celebrity and p/r outreach.

partnership development – having someone ‘in the middle’ to facilitate your partnership with your corporate partners can be invaluable. For existing corporate sponsors, we can help negotiate a funding arrangement including legal contracts, program timelines and commitments, and educate on best practices. We can help codify expectations and ways to measure success from the outset as well as get agreement on roles throughout the collaboration. Let us do the heavy lifting for you to close your funding renewals, educate potential partners on your expectations, and suggest tools to help the partnership thrive. 

building fundraising teams and training – with deep experience in hiring and leading teams as well as a passion to infuse positive practices to inspire, we can help you create or re-create your fundraising function. It all starts with the right people at the table, then to be successful your organization needs to know how to be open and collaborative enough to work together to empower and support your fundraisers and sponsors. We can help set the stage within your organization facilitating the conversations necessary to catapult your revenue generators.  Having raised millions for charity, we can teach you techniques and tools during a one time program or as an ongoing engagement. We have a solid network of corporate leaders who tell us what it takes to be ‘the best’ at being a non-profit partner which keeps you at the top of your game.

governance and fundraising – To attract the right resources to support your organization, you need great leadership. Do you have the right people on your Board and sitting on Committees? Do they have a clear vision of support for this year and for the next 5? We can help educate your organization about what great governance looks like to ensure the right resource and funding growth for you. We can help you learn to create effective Committees of your advocates to access their networks and build a sustainable pipeline for your future. Fundraising is just like sales. You need great leadership, a great product or service, a great story, and outstanding customer service.